Benicàssim, Castellón.


Over the past fifty years, Palasiet has become one of the most prestigious establishments in global health tourism.

A life dedicated to medicine and Castellón.

Dr. Joaquín Farnós, The legacy
The sea water is undoubtedly a unique element in nature. Its value in the ecosystem is fundamental to guarantee life. And its therapeutic value is recognized by medical hydrology and applied in numerous centers around the world. y aplicado en numerosos centros de todo el mundo.
Joaquín Farnós, pioneer of thalassotherapy in Spain, discovered the value of seawater in the early 1960s at the Colliure center in southern France, where one of the oldest thalassotherapy and functional rehabilitation centers in Europe is located and one of the most prestigious in the country. From that experience, Dr. Farnós brought to Spain the healthcare techniques that use seawater for therapeutic and functional recovery purposes.

Joaquín Farnós Gauchía has been one of the most prominent doctors in the field of rehabilitation and functional recovery. His contribution to medicine in Spain has been fundamental as he introduced clinical rehabilitation and thalassotherapy, which is the use of seawater for therapeutic purposes. Joaquín Farnós was one of the first specialists in Spain in rheumatology and functional rehabilitation, being a doctor at the Malvarrosa sanatorium, the Clinical Hospital of Valencia and the first head of service at the General Hospital of Castelló. At an international level, he trained and worked at the Helio Marino Center in Collioure in France, the Lariboisere Hospital in Paris and at the Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital rehabilitation center in the United Kingdom.

«The aim is not to live longer, but to live with greater physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.»

Joaquín Farnós


Helio Marino Thermal Center in Benicàssim

In 1966, he founded the Helio Marino Thermal Center in Benicàssim, which was a pioneer in rehabilitation in Spain and a reference point for Spanish healthcare in the recovery of various pathologies until its closure in 1991. Thousands of patients from all over Spain, many of them well-known, passed through the Thermal Center.

Under the direction of Dr. Farnós, the Thermal Center introduced rehabilitation techniques using thalassotherapy in Spain and became a training ground for a whole generation of European rehabilitation doctors and physiotherapists. Important scientific congresses and medical meetings on rehabilitation, functional recovery, and thalassotherapy were held at this center in Benicàssim.

«It's not just about changing your life. It's about extending life and living better.»

Joaquín Farnós


Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel

In 1970 Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel was founded. Over the past fifty years, Palasiet has become one of the most prestigious establishments in the world of health tourism, with over 150,000 guests seeking the healing power of seawater in a unique setting facing the Mediterranean. Palasiet is now one of the most highly regarded health centers in Europe.

Dr. Joaquín Farnós Gauchia proposed the Palasiet Philosophy, which is the hallmark of the Thalasso Clinic in Benicàssim. The supervised use of seawater by specialized physicians, combined with healthy nutrition, physical activity, emotional balance, and the most modern medical techniques, has created a unique model in Europe.
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