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José María Doria’s success at the Welfare Days

At the recent Jornadas del Bienestar, which took place on the 16th of November at Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel, we witnessed a talk that was deeply inspiring and revealing. José María Doria, writer and leader of the Transpersonal Paradigm, shared with us his extensive knowledge and experiences, guiding us towards a fuller and more balanced life.

José María Doria, a pioneer in the Transpersonal Paradigm

With more than four decades of experience in researching the process of consciousness expansion, José María Doria has been a central figure in the dissemination of the Transpersonal Paradigm. A prolific author with more than a dozen published books, his work has established a bridge between the depth of being and transpersonal understanding.

Doria, through his studies and travels through various wisdom traditions, founded the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development, an institution he chairs and which trains over 1,000 students annually online. His contribution to education and personal development has been impactful and widely recognised.

Issues addressed by Doria at the Wellbeing Day

During her presentation, Doria emphasised the importance of balancing the physical with the emotional. She highlighted how self-observation and silence can become powerful tools for navigating the intricate labyrinth of personal challenges and conflicts. The conference, which attracted a large audience, was moderated by journalist Loles García and included the participation of Lourdes Ramón, personal counsellor at the Thalasso Clínica Palasiet.

Doria also explored the therapeutic value of self-awareness, especially in the identification and transformation of the psychological shadow. He explained how introspection can turn traumatic experiences and affective losses into sources of joy and compassion. His words underlined how the qualities of the Self contribute to the creation of a more conscious, collaborative and creative world.

Next Wellness Days in Palasiet

Our Wellness Days are an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of holistic wellbeing. These days, free of charge with prior booking, aim to raise awareness of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life. They aim to highlight the importance of integrative medicine in our daily lives, both to address specific conditions and to maintain physical and emotional balance.

The next Palasiet Wellness Days, scheduled for May 2024, promise to continue our philosophy of promoting a healthy and fulfilling life. These days will include the participation of specialists in health, thalassotherapy, nutrition and emotional balance.

For those interested in exploring integrative medicine approaches at Palasiet, we invite you to contact us on +34 964 300 250 or via Discover and participate in a journey towards wellbeing and personal growth with the support and experience of Palasiet.

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