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Palasiet method

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Our Palasiet method is based on five essential pillars: thalassotherapy, physical activity, specialized medical treatments, nutrition and physical activity.

At Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel, our approach is focused on the global health of our guests, and for this, we combine and coordinate various disciplines with the aim of promoting their well-being. Our integrative method is the most complete and effective to achieve an optimal state of health and well-being.

Gift Palasiet

  • 2 sesiones semanales.
  • 8 sesiones mensuales.
Entrenamiento en grupo (máximo 6 personas), clases de 50 minutos. Tienes dos opciones:
  • Bono mensual 2 días/ semana.
  • Bono mensual 3 días/ semana.
  • Consulta básica médica inicial
  • Consulta de nutrición inicial y final
  • Control nutricional
  • Consulta inicial valoración con entrenador y entrenamiento
  • Entrenamiento supervisado (7 sesiones)
  • Recorrido biomarino (2 sesiones)
  • Recorrido flebítico (2 sesiones)
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