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Renew your wellbeing with the Autumn Vital Programme

The falling leaves, fresh air and serenity that autumn brings create the perfect backdrop for a personal rebirth. With the summer season behind us, autumn emerges as an ideal time to focus on our wellbeing, break away from routine and revitalise both body and mind. Discover our Vital Autumn Programme!

However, we know that these processes of change can be a bit complex when we don’t know where to start and what guidelines to follow. Therefore, when it comes to embarking on a journey towards improved wellbeing, counselling plays a critical role. Whether we are looking to lose weight, reduce stress or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, having the right guidance can make all the difference to our results.

Holistic wellness with our Autumn Vital programme

At Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel, we understand the importance of this seasonal change and have designed the Vital Autumn Programme to help you on your journey towards renewed wellbeing. This programme is designed to help you find that longed-for balance between body and mind. With a flexible duration of 2, 3 or 4 nights, this programme immerses you in a world of wellness and health.

Regardless of the duration you choose, each programme includes:

  • Healthy nutrition: Eating well is essential for our overall well-being. Here, we will guide you towards a balanced diet that suits your needs.
  • Bioelectrical impedance body composition study: An in-depth analysis that will help you better understand your physical health.
  • Aesthetic appointment and planning: A personalised approach to address your aesthetic and health goals.
  • Functional assessment with a specialist: A complete analysis of your health to create a programme adapted to your needs.
  • Thalassotherapy techniques and specific treatments: In the heart of Palasiet, you will enjoy unique treatments based on the healing properties of seawater.

Transition to a healthy lifestyle this autumn

As the name of our programme indicates, this programme will only be available during some autumn months, ending on 10 December. For more information about Autumn Vital or other services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +34 964 300 250 or sending an email to We are here to help you on your journey to a revitalising and healthy autumn.

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